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Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Applicator

Standard Red, Green, or Blue Regular Intensity light-emitting diode (LED) Applicator for localized stimulation is used for color therapy and has a long history as a healing modality. This is available for $110.00 each plus shipping.

Modern science has researched and validated the many practical healing applications of an LED applicator and low-level laser therapy. Different colors of light offer unique benefits: Green brings calm and restoration, Red energizes and enhances circulation, and Blue exhibits strong anti-bacterial properties. You can easily explore online resources to learn more about the rich history and therapeutic potential of colored light therapy.

Regular Intensity LED Applicator


  • Red – 640 nanometers – Green – 520 nanometers – Blue – 467 nanometers
  • Single or Mixed Frequencies – run one or two frequencies with or without variable frequency carrier
  • Power source – plugs into and is powered by the BCX
  • Range is 1 Hz. to 100,000 Hz.
  • Intensity – adjustable
  • Power Output – Red = 24,000 MCD Max – Green = 108,000 MCD Max – Blue = 21,600 mcd Max
  • The designation is millicandela (MCD), which is a different type of measurement than lumens (lm).

The high-intensity red, green, or blue LEDs produce deeper penetration for faster results than our regular-intensity LEDs, and these are priced at $275.00 each plus shipping.

  • Red – 626 nm
  • Green – 530nm
  • Blue – 470nm
  • Range – 1 Hz. to 4MHz. Squarewave – 1Hz. to 100,000 Hz. all other waveforms
  • Intensity – adjustable levels 1 to 100
  • Power Output
  • Red = 255 Lumens Max
  • Green = 435 Lumens Max
  • Blue = 174 Lumens Max

LED Applicator Frequency

Experience the versatility of high-intensity LEDs that can be adjusted up to 4 MHz using a Square wave. Our LED wands have no polarity, allowing for the application of all waveforms. Choose from a frequency output ranging from 1 Hz to 100,000 Hz for various waveforms, including sine waves.

The BCX Ultra device is built to accommodate a single LED applicator at a time. Though some customers have inquired about using two simultaneously, it’s important to note that the LED power requirements exceed the device’s capabilities.

Shipping Option

U.S. $15.00 UPS/USPS
Canada – $38.00 UPS/USPS
International – $58.00 UPS/USPS
Shipping rates are subject to change without prior notice.