BCX ULTRA Rife Machine


BCX Ultra

BCX ULTRA Deluxe Rife Machine

A Fully Pre-Programed and Programmable Rife Machine That is Easy to Use

A leader in Rife Machine technology for over 25 years, the BCX ULTRA Rife noble gas tube frequency generator is built with the ultimate standards for home users, alternative practitioners and researchers. This is NOT just another off-the-shelf frequency function generator but is an entirely original solid-state instrument, designed from the ground-up! The BCX Ultra is the result of many years of intensive laboratory research and testing which truly brings Rife frequency instruments into the 21st century with unequaled precision and performance. Features include 1236 permanent pre-set programs, which can not be accidentally erased. There are also 256 extra memory slots for storing your personalized Custom Programs consisting of wave forms, frequency rates, carrier frequency and time factors. BCX Ultra has many versatile capabilities such as Frequency Gating and the ability to combine separate carrier frequencies with the modulation frequencies of your choosing. The BCX Ultra has complete manual programming functions with such features as frequency sweeping from one frequency starting point to your ending point in adjustable increments, manual frequency input from 1Hz. to 4 million Hz. and a wide selection of waveforms and carrier frequencies.

BCX is a complete Rife frequency and waveform generator that can generate all known waveforms, along with their odd and even harmonics. There are actually three separate microprocessors in the unit that are known as Arbitrary Waveform Generators. This assures that the primary Rife frequency or an integer multiple of that frequency will get the job done! Hundreds of individual researchers have validated the effectiveness the BCX. There are many choices in Rife Machines today. BCX Ultra is a name you can trust with a history going back some 25 years from its earlier versions of BCX 211 and 411 models up to the latest version.

Many prominent authorities in the world of finance and social trends are sounding the warning of social and economic decline or even outright collapse in the not too distant future. The last several years have seriously demonstrated the need to prepare for unexpected emergencies. In the future, conventional health services may be very strained, rationed, or non-existent. The BCX Ultra is the most versatile healing technology that should be on everyone's list for emergency preparedness.
Without our health, we cannot serve our families, friends and neighbors in need.

Does Vibrational Medicine Really Work? - for those who are new to the concept of vibrational medicine or frequency therapy, here is a short article that references scientific research conducted by physicists at Arizona State University and explains the science behind frequency based healing. This link will take you out of our website, so remember to bookmark our location. http://www.naturalnews.com/023855.html

Pulsed Radio Frequency - RF - background information -

Killing Cancer Cells with Resonant Frequencies
- watch this Youtube TED talk video where radio frequencies from a gas filled plasma bulb disintegrates cancer cells. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w0_kazbb_U

Rife Research and Rife Forum - a wealth of Rife information including numerous douments, Royal Rife interview, John Crane Video, Rife user forum and much more - http://www.rife.de/index.html

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D. - Lyme Disease Treatment Protocol - http://www.klinghardtacademy.com/images/stories/Lyme_Disease/klinghardt_biological_treatment_of_lyme_disease_protocol.pdf

BCX Ultra standard package - What you will receive

* BCX Ultra control unit with Universal 100 to 240 volt adapter
* Noble Gas glass electrodes - containing argon, krypton, xenon and neon - max. power output is 30 Watts and 2,500 Volts
* Metal footplate electrodes
* Metal hand held cylinder electrodes
* Pre-gelled body contact electrodes (1 pair)
* DVD Instruction disk
* Sturdy carry / storage case

* Printed manual with complete operating instructions, therapy sessions listings and background history of Rife technology, use of noble gas tubes and much more. At this time, the operating manual is printed only in English.

Warranty - 3 Year warranty on parts and labor. Unlimited telephone and Email support from Volker Risto, owner of this business since 1985. Note - please do not send Text messages.

BCX Ultra Control Unit Features

Power supply
Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.2A - BCX is ready to use anywhere around the world. No voltage transformer is needed for overseas use. Some areas may need a simple wall socket adapter.
Output: 24VDC @ 2.0A
Dimensions: 11.0" x 8.0" x 3.0"
Weight - 2.5 lbs

BCX LCD Status and Indicator Pane
l Readouts

* Five - Green LED 16 character alpha numeric display
* LED indicators for -
ray tubes, electrodes, LED wand and real time session operating functions
* View Built in Instructions on LCD display screen
* Run a
pre-program - Scroll or select a built-in program name or number. Both are displayed on screen
* Run a
user program - Scroll or select your custom program by name or number
* Create - Edit - Save - Run - a custom program
* View program information in progress
* Number a custom user program using up to four digits
* Name a user defined program with alpha-numeric characters
* Copy a
program to another user program location
* Erase a
user program

s and Programming Features

* Input: 1- jack for
power input (DC power plug, 2.5mm, center positive)
* Input/Output: jack for computer (USB Type B)
* Outputs: five - two jacks for footplate electrodes, two for the noble gas, glass tube electrodes and one LED wand
* LED Display - a 16 character green Led display to keep the user informed of all program functions and session progress
* Buttons for - Power On/Off - Start - Pause - Stop - Change - OK - Back - Next
* BCX has 1
236 pre-stored programs and memory slots for storing another 256 user defined programs

Output Type: Select from numerou
s electrode combinations

* Hand
held metal cylinder electrodes
* Footplate electrodes only - these also deliver the RF (radio frequency) energies
* RF - noble gas ionized raytubes only (containing Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Neon)
* LED Wand only
* Auxiliary only
* Footplate electrodes &
noble gas ray tubes simultaneously
* Electrodes & LED
wand simultaneously
* Electrodes &
auxiliary simultaneously

NOTE: Colored Led Wands, Foot Bath and the various free standing glass tube attachments are optional accessories
and are not included in the basic purchase price

BCX Ultra - Rife Frequency Instrument - $2,695.00
Three Year Warranty on Parts and Labor and Free Unlimited Phone and Email Support

BCX Model ULTRA-LITE - $3,895.00-

This configuration combines comple BCX Ultra Deluxe program menus along with our higher wattage double bubble beam tube. You get all of the same 1,236 Pre-installed Rife programs, complete customization, along with the hands-free beam tube.


Unit does not ship with the metal hand-held electrodes or the metal footplate electrodes as part of the standard package. An optional Metal Electrode Accessory Kit can be purchased for - $128.00 (includes a pair of metal foot-plate electrodes, hand-held electrodes and two sets of reusable gel pads. The metal electrodes shown in the above photo are for illustration purposes only.

WHY Order the Ultra-Lite ? - the BCX Ultra-Lite is ideal for users who want the convenience of a Hands-Free Rife session without the need for body contact glass tube or metal applicators. The 'Double Blubble" plasma tube is more powerful than the hand held tubes. Place the device on a night stand and run a program for individuals confined to bed. OR - chain one or two programs together and run the Ultra-Lite during sleep time. (Note: there is not a programmable time delay start function).

The BCX Ultra-Lite is a stand-alone, fully programmable Rife generator and features the complete library of 1,236 pre-set Rife programs as our standard BCX Ultra. Please be aware that the optional accessory items such as Led, Vortex Coil, Double Bubble tubes, Magnetic Mat cannot be attached to this unit. They all require the purchase of our standard BCX Ultra unit. The BCX Ultra-Lite does not require purchase of the basic BCX Ultra unit in order to operate. The Ultra-Lite double-bubble tube mounted on the base unit allows for easy hands-free use for individuals and even several people at the same time. Also, the power levels on this model are much stronger than the hand-held glass tubes of the standard BCX Ultra

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Scroll down the page to see all BCX optional accessories and complete BCX combination packages including PEMF Mat, Far-Infrared Mat, High Frequency Plasma Bubble tube, BCX Ultra-Lite and More!

Check with us for our monthly product sales and special offers. We match all BCX pricing. We also own and use the BCX on a daily basis and offer unlimited telephone support in getting you up and running!

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Shipping weight of standard BCX package is 11 pounds. Ordering information at the bottom of page. Warranty for the BCX Ultra and Ultra Lite is one year. There is a 10% restocking fee for returns. In the event of repair or servicing, the BCX would need to be returned to the manufacturer and the customer is responsible for any shipping expenses. Also, you may be required to pay additional import/customs fees for overseas orders.


Thank You,
Volker Risto - owner and operator since 1985

We also own and operate the web site - Braintuner.com - which includes Pemf, Fscan, Sota Products and More!

Scroll down the page to see our new model BCX Ultra Lite. The Ultra Lite does not replace our BCX Ultra. It is a model option for users who desire a high power stand-alone broadcasting plasma tube configuration.

Scroll Page to See BCX Combination Packages and Additional Options to Customize Your BCX Experience

Regular Intensity LED Applicator - Red, Green or Blue - for localized stimulation - $90.00 each

Color therapy has a long history as a healing modality. Modern science has researched and validated the many practical healing applications of Led and low level laser therapy. Green is know to be very calming and restorative, while Red acts to energize and promote enhanced circulation. Blue light has strong anti-bacterial action. There are many resources on the internet for more information about the history and healing powers of colored light therapy.

Specifications - see our BCX specifications pdf for complete information

Red - 640 nanometers - Green - 520 nanometers - Blue - 467 nanometers
Single or Mixed Frequencies - run one or two frequencies with or without variable frequency carrier
Power source - plugs into and is powered by the BCX
Range is 1 Hz. to 100,000 Hz.
Intensity - adjustable
Power Output - Red = 24,000 mcd Max - Green = 108,000 mcd Max - Blue = 21,600 mcd Max
The designation mcd is millicandela and is a different type of measurement than Lumens



High Intensity - Red, Green or Blue Led Applicators for Deeper Penetration
- $262.00 each

Red - 626 nm - Green - 530nm - Blue - 470nm
Range - 1 Hz. to 4MHz. Squarewave - 1Hz. to 100,000 Hz. all other waveforms
Intensity - adjustable levels 1 to 100
Power Output - Red = 255 Lumens Max - Green = 435 Lumens Max - Blue = 174 Lumens Max

LED Applicator Frequency - of the high-intensity Leds is adjustable up to 4 MHz using a Squarewave. LED wands have no polarity and all waveforms can be applied to them. The frequency output is from 1 Hz. to 100,000 Hz. for other waveforms such as Sinewave, etc.)

The BCX can only accept a single LED applicator at one time. Some customers have asked if they can use two of these at once. While this could be desireable, the LED power requirements are too high for the BCX to run more than one at a time.

Replacement Glass Tubes
- in the event of loss or damage, you can purchase replacement glass tubes for $85.00 each.


Optional Free Standing Tubes - Foot Bath - PEMF Mat - FIR Mat
Need Help Configuring Your Ideal BCX Package? Call or Email


These free standing glass tubes and the foot bath all require the BCX Ultra unit in order to operate. These items may be purchased at the time of ordering your BCX Ultra or at any later date.

Double Bubble Beam Tube
- BT- HF-EFG - Cost: $2,995.00

This tube output is primarily producing an Electrical Field for those researchers interested in this option.

Operating Frequency Range
- 1Hz. to 10,000 Hz.
Wave Form
- square wave only
Duty Cycle
- 1 to 100 percent
Carrier Frequency Range - 1 to 666Hz.
Modulation Frequency - able to combine two frequencies at a time
Frequency 1
- adjust from 1Hz. to 10,000 Hz.
Frequency 2
- adjust from 1Hz. to 10,000 Hz.

Energy Output type - Efield (electric field generator)
Power Level Adjustments
- variable intensity adjustment - 80 to 100.
Power Output - 20 milli-joules / pulse. (72 Watts @ 3,600 Hz.

Double Bubble Beam Tube - BT-HFPCM2 High Frequency - Cost: $2,995.00 -

This tube ouput emphasizes RF - Radio Frequency - output and is in the tradition of the original Rife Beam Tube.

Available as a separate purchase item
- double bubble glass tube with base. The beam tube will not operate as a stand-alone electrode. It must be used while connected to the BCX Ultra base unit. This is for users who already own a BCX Ultra Deluxe and wish to add the high power plasma tube to their BCX system.

Combination Package - BCX Ultra + Double-Bubble Beam Tube

BCX Ultra + BT-HFPCM2 Beam Tube - $4,895.00 or $5193.00 with BCX Standard Electrode Sets

There is a price discount for purchasing the BCX Ultra and the BT-HFPCM as a package. This price is - $4,545.00 and includes the fully programmable BCX Ultra unit and the Beam Tube only. This configuration does not include the standard BCX metal Hand-Held and Footplate electrode package. Add the standard BCX Electrode package for an extra cost of $298.00.

BCX Bubble Tube

Operating Frequency Range - adjustable pulse from 1 Hz. up to 4 MHz. if using a squarewave and up to 100,00 Hz. for all other wave forms

Wave Form
- any BCX waveform can be used. Maximum frequency accuracy and power output with squarewave
Duty Cycle
- 1 to 100 percent
Carrier Frequency - adjustable ranges (1) from 1 to 100,000Hz. and (2) from 0.100MHz to 4 mHz (squarewave)

Modulation Frequency - able to combine two frequencies at a time:
Frequency Number One - adjust from 1 Hz to 100,000Hz. or from 0.100mHz to 4.000 MHz
Frequency Number Two - adjust from 1 Hz. to 100,000 Hz. or from 0.100mHz to 4.000MHz
Energy Output type - RF (radio frequency)
Power Levels
- variable intensity adjustments from level 1 to 100. 150 Watts maximum output depending on program
Warranty - 3 Year Warranty

BCX Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Options

BCX Ultra offers several options to convert your BCX into a full-fledged Pemf (pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy) system that has the unique ability to run BCX Rife frequencies through a magnetic body mat and a localized applicator coil. No other Rife machine has this capability. You can run various waveforms and frequencies from 10 Hz. up to 10,000 Hz. through the mat and the coil. There are several different options available as described below.

Combination Package - BCX ULTRA DELUXE + Pemf Mat


BCX Ultra Deluxe plus Bio- electric Pulser - PEMF Mat Combo Package - $3,490.00

This combination includes the full BCX standard kit with all of the normal accessories electrodes, combined with the pulsed magnetic therapy full length body mat and controller unit. This combination package does not include the optional 18 Gauss hand held local applicator - Concentrator Coil, which is an additional $225.00. This Pemf Mat connects to the BCX Ultra and plays many of the pre-set BCX programs and waveforms. Session times range from 1 minute to continuous. Many high priced mats recommend session times of 8 to 20 minutes twice a day to relieve symptoms. There is a frequency range of 10 Hz. to 10,000 Hz. for the mat. Most other Pulsed magnetic field therapy full body mats are usually under 100 Hz. in terms of the pulse frequency and many stay within a range of 1 Hz. to 38 Hz. Pulsed magnetic field therapy mats are not designed to operate in the same fashion as the main BCX unit, which has a frequency range up to 4 MHz.


Frequency Range: 10-10,000Hz
Waveform Types: All Ultra types
Power: 20 Watts Max.
Gauss- Mat: 4.7 Gauss Max.
Gauss- MFC: 18 Gauss Max. for the round hand-held magnetic concentrator coil - a $225.00 purchase option.

BCX-BEP connectable - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therap Full Body Mat and Controller - $895.00

This option is for someone who already owns the standard BCX Ultra and wants to add a pulsed magnetic field mat. It provides all of the many health benefits of PEMF therapy with the unique capability of pulsing BCX Rife Frequencies into the mat from the BCX control unit. The frequency range of the mat is from 10 Hz. to 10,000 Hz. Power output is maximum of 20 Watts, depending upon the program. We are introducing this at a fantastic price. Full body PEMF mats such as the QRS or Curatron typically run from $3,995.00 up to $12,000.00. The BCX magnetic therapy mat employs a copper coil construction that evenly distributes the magnetic field throughout the mat, so there are not any 'hot' and 'cold' spots on the mat. The magnetic therapy mat includes the Controller Module that plugs into the external port of the BCX base unit to provide programming and extra power to the mat. Then, the mat plugs into the Controller Module.

BEP-ST (Bio-Electric Pulser) Pemf Mat and Control Module - as a stand-alone Pemf Mat - $895.00.

Purchase of the BXC unit is not required for this option.

Pemf Mat and Control Module - as a stand-alone Pemf Mat with 23 internal programs for only - $895.00 (Model Bep-St). This version will not connect to the BCX and does not offer all of the features as the BCX connectable version. For a listing of the programs and frequencies, please Email us.

Magnetic Accessory Options

Magnetic Coil

Local Applicator Magnetic Concentrator Coil Only - $225.00 - if you already own the BCX and Pemf Mat - the concentrator is a small hand-held applicator, used to apply a concentrated magnetic pulse energy to a localized area of the body. This is ideal for faster recovery of muscle strains and over-exertion, joint pains, sporting injuries and much more. The Concentrator speeds localized healing by improving blood flow and oxygenation to areas of stress or pain. This reduces inflammation and rapidly improves joint mobility. The local applicator coil can also be applied to household pets. If you already own a BCX AND the Magnetic Mat, then you just need the extra Concentrator / local applicator, as you would already own the required conrtoller module that the concentrator applicator must plug into. Maximum field strength of the Concentrator is 18 Gauss.

Local Applicator Concentrator Coil and Controller Module - $870.00 - as described above, some customers may not have a need for the full size body mat, but only need a localized applicator coil. In this set-up you will still need the concentrator coil AND the Controller Module, which is a power booster, in order to properly power the Concentrator coil. Maximum magnetic field strength of the Concentrator is 18 Gauss. This is ideal for targeting localized areas for faster healing and recovery (knee joints, shoulders, lower back, etc.). This accessory plugs in to the main BCX Ultra unit.

Full Body Mat, Local Application Concentrator Coil and Controller - $1,120.00. This option provides the full size Pemf body mat, the localized applicator coil (concentrator) and the controller module (power booster) - This plugs into the main BCX unit and is for users who already own the BCX Ultra.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has Many Well-Documented Benefits


Muscle and Joint Issues
Emotional Problems
Faster Recovery
More Improvements
Relieves Muscle Aches and Pains Better Sleep Quicker Healing Cellular Energy Transfer
Reduced Inflammation Greater Mental Clarity Balances Vital Energy Improves Skin Tone
Better Joint Mobility & Flexibility Helps Nervous Tension Better Circulation Enhanced Sex with
Relaxes Tense Muscles Reduced Anxiety Improved Oxygenation Improved Blood Flow

Frequency Range - 10 to 10,000 Hz Adjustable
The PEMF option that plugs into the BCX base unit runs all 1236 BCX Ultra Programs and 255 User Defined Programs
The Stand-Alone PEMF Mat can not interface with BCX and offers a limited program menu of 23 programs.
Produces Low-Power High Duty Cycle Waves
Session Times - 1 minute to Continuous
Magnetic Field Strength - 4.7 Gauss Maximum
Maximum Field Strength of the optional Concentrator Coil is 18 Gauss
Duty Cycle Control - 1 to 100%
Waveform - Select from any of the Standard BCX Ultra Waveforms - Squarewave - Sinewave and more.
Intensity Adjustments - 1 to 100 Maximum Field Srength, with 4.7 Gauss being the Maximum
Maximum Power Output - 20 Watts
Cotton cover
Dimensions - Six Feet by 28 Inches

BCX Far Infra-red Therapy Mat - the only FIR Mat with Rife Frequencies

Available as a stand-alone FIR Mat or as an accessory module that connects into the BCX Ultra Deluxe unit - $995.00 for either model.

Purchased as a combination Accessory along with the BCX Ultra unit - $3,460.00. This combo saves you $100.00. This option allows one to run all of the normal BCX programs and waveforms.

Purchased as a stand-alone FIR Mat without the need to own a BCX Ultra - This option can not interface with the main BCX base unit and offers limited number of 23 therapy programs - $995.00

If purchased as the BCX - connectable version, the mat can receive limited programming information such as waveforms and frequencies from the BCX unit.

Complete details on the BCX FIR Mat option are located on a separate page. Click Here for more information

Full 60-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Note: there is a 10% restocking fee for returns. Shipping cost is not refundable

Warranty - BCX ships with a three year warranty against defects. Coverage does not include misuse or careless handling or breakage of glass tubes from accidental dropping on floor, etc. Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping returned merchandise. Please inspect your BCX package upon delivery for completeness of standard items and accessories. Check for any breakage of glass tubes and report this to your distributor as soon as possible

Explanation of BCX Ultra Waveforms, Frequencies and Harmonics Four Page Pdf.

Additional Explanation of Sine Waves, Square Waves and other wave forms

BCX ULTRA - All Models and Accessories Specifications: Complete Specifications Page
Explanation of the BCX Ultra Glass Tube Electrodes and Hand-Held Metal Electrodes

Now you can reach the maximum capabilities and potential in Programmed Frequency Technology with the most advanced gas plasma delivery system available.  Our new convenient hand held RF (radio frequency) Ray Tube technology accelerates and maximizes the potential of energy research in ways previously unavailable. Both of the glas ray tubes are filled with four noble gases - Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Neon.

Standard Ray Tube Electrodes vs. Hand Held Cylinder Electrodes

* Hand-held metal electrodes are differential. Each operates at a different polarity than the other and they change polarities with frequency - when one is Positive the other is Negative. All waveforms can be applied to the metal electrodes and their frequency range can be adjusted up to 4 MHz. when operating with a Sqarewave output.

* Ray tubes (the hand-held glass tubes) also have polarity, but the Carrier is defaulted at 44,660kHz. Any Carrier frequencies over 100kHz. entered in the Ultra when using Ray tubes will only apply to the metal electrodes. All waveforms can be used with the glass tubes. The frequency range of the glass tube electrodes is from 1 to 100,000 Hz. and the maximum power output is 30 Watts. plus the output is rich in harmonic frequencies. For the hand held metal cylinder electrodes and for the foot plate electrodes, you can choose from the default carrier frequency of - 1Mhz., 1.25 Mhz. or 1.67Mhz. When using the BCX in manual programming mode, you can enter any carrier frequency range from 1 Hz. to 4Mhz. for the hand-held metal electrodes and up to 100,000 Hz. carrier frequency for the glass ray tubes.

The Plasma Ray Tubes are radio frequency (RF) powered, which means your selected frequencies are broadcast and penetrate without the type of limitation seen with skin contact electrodes where the electricity can skim over the surface of the body without fully penetrating the skin's natural resistance.  While foot plate electrodes and metal hand cylinders offer a good alternative for many individuals, there is no modality that beats the penetrating power of Radio Frequency pulsations. Simply connect the Glass Tube electrodes and the frequencies are routed directly  through the ionized plasma Ray Tubes via broad spectrum radio frequencies. This  extraordinary delivery system is unmatched and penetrates the entire target  area fully and completely.  The energy focus is the most concentrated at the site of application, but also affects the entire body as well, due to the RF Ultra-Sound effects propagating throughout the lymphatic, plasma and cellular fluids of the system.

These harmonic ultrasound resonance frequencies result from the pulsating pressure of the light mass emanating from the ionized noble gas tubes. This is the same principle that accounted for the observed MOR (Mortal Oscillatory Rate) oscillation effects as confirmed by prominent historical researchers. The technology is 21st Century, but the results are the same! BCX Ultra utilizes proven concepts including frequency gating (pulsing) and the ability to combine a separate carrier frequency with a modulation frequency to assure the deepest penetration and harmonic interaction. These are the features that produced such incredible results with the original frequency technologies of the 1940's. Some units that are being advertised are simple off the shelf frequency/function generators and cannot offer the results of the BCX Ultra

The Glass tubes may be applied in many different ways

    • apply the tip of the glass tube onto acupuncture points
    • on chiropractic trigger points
    • apply to reflexology points
    • slowly sweep over lymphatic drainage sites
    • apply to Chakra locations
    • grasp one tube in each hand for complete body penetration
    • apply a tube on either side of a muscle stress or strain

Our Ray Tubes use only the most durable Quartz Glass which are evacuated of Air, Fire-Quenched, and filled with a mixture of four different Inert Gases known as Noble Gases (Argon, Neon, Krypton, Xenon).  The difference in effectiveness comparing ionized noble gas tubes versus stainless steel hand and foot electrodes is profound due to the deeply penetrating nature of the RF radio frequency energies.   We include three kinds of applicators (foot plates, two glass tubes and hand-held cylinder electrodes) in order to offer our customers the greatest levels of choice. The high voltage / low current radio frequency (RF) energy ionizes the noble gases in the glass tubes into a plasma state. The RF energy then passes through the capacitance of the glass evenly and thoroughly, permeating the desired area, as well as the body as a whole. The noble gas-filled tubes emit a range of energies including: electromagnetic, invisible infrared, visible light from the excitation of the noble gas mixture, radio frequencies, electrostatic and conductive electron flow (electricity). There is also the production of a beneficial amount of ozone that results from the breakdown and recombining of oxygen into ozone. Ozone is a know anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent.

The glass tube applicators are very versatile as all of these different kinds of energies have primary, direct affects upon the body as well as producing many secondary or cascading reactions from the cellular level up to the body as a whole. As an example, certain frequencies and wavelengths will promote the dilation and expansion of capillaries and blood vessels, thereby helping to remove obstructions and toxins from the cells and improving the oxygenation of tissues for rapid healing and recovery.

The RF glass tube unit, being Monopolar, has only one wire connected to each of the two glass tubes, so that when the tubes are used on an area of the body, that area absorbs the Modulated Audio and R.F. carrier energy and frequency, with the return path of the circuit being completed through the capacitance of the body. The glass tubes alternate polarity so that one tube wll be positive, while the other tube is negative.

Stated simply, the body completes the circuit between the two glass tubes.
The RF energy is produced by an electronic circuit that  derives its signal from a pulsed repetition rate within the audio frequency  spectrum. This pulsed rate has been shown over many years to be of superior value.  Each BCX RF Plasma Frequency Instrument has with a full 60-day money back guarantee and a full one year warranty on all parts and circuits. Warranty does not cover misuse or inappropriate use of this research instrument. 

BCX Ultra Footbath Underwater Array Option - Cost: $1,295.00


Exclusive Foot Bath Attachment that Delivers Programmed Frequencies into the Water

BCX now offers the benefits of an optional "foot bath" attachment . The foot bath electrode attachment is a great way to end a BCX session to help remove the released toxins from the body. The great advantage here is the ability to run programmed frequencies through the foot bath electrodes. There is not other system that has this cabability. As shown in the photo, the module to the left is the platform for the feet. This connects via cable to the foot bath power module. Then, the foot bath power module connects via cable to the BCX Ultra frequency generator. You will need a BCX Ultra frequency generator in order to run the programs through the footbath. The footbath power module is NOT a stand alone frequency generator. This should offer much better results over traditional foot spa or foot bath appliances. Electrode material is corrosion-resistant stainless steel so it does not need to be replaced every 15 or 20 uses like other systems - $1,295.00 or with long-lasting Titanium Foot Plate $1,340.00.

BCX Ultra Accessory Option - Free-Standing Vortex Coil Electrode - $1,195.00

vortex coil

The vortex coil electrode is filled with Argon Gas. It allows for using the BCX without the need for making
direct contact with the body. You can insert a hand and forearm into the coil center if desired. You can also position the array in front of the area of complaint for a directed, concentrated application. There is not any electrical shock felt when touching the active glass coil. The vortex coil can be frequency-modulated from 1 Hz. to 45 kHz. with any wave form such as square wave, sine wav, etc. The carrier can be set up to 45kHz. Intensity can also be adjusted. Power output is 48 Watts maximum, as compared to the standard hand held glass tubes with a maximum power output of 30 Watts. Overall, the hand held ray tubes that come standard with the BCX have more versatility as their energies permeate the entire body when you grasp the glass tubes in each hand. The vortex coil is offered for those circumstances where a hands-free therapy is desired. The power output of the Vortex Coil is lower than the Free Standing double-bubble beam tubes used in the Ultra-Lite or the BT-HF PCM2 tube.

- Visit our Health Resources pages for hundreds of health and nutrition tips -
For Lymes disease, Fibromyalgia, Alternative Cancer Therapy and much more

Disclaimer: the BCX ULTRA Plasma Frequency Instrument is not a medical device.  It is an electronic frequency generator and research instrument. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional. BCX Ultra should not be used by women who are pregnant or believe they may be pregnant. BCX Ultra should not be used by children or any unconsenting individuals. Individuals with heart disease, epilepsy or other neurological conditions should not use the BCX Ultra.



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Ordering BCX Ultra

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