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BT-HFPCM2 Radio Frequency Beam Tube

The BT-HFPCM2 Radio Frequency Beam Tube is not a stand-alone item and does not include the BCX Ultra Deluxe or the standard BCX Ultra electrode package of hand-held Ray Tubes, Footplates, or Metal hand-held electrodes. This is priced at $2,995.00 plus shipping for the Beam Tube, not for the BCX Ultra Deluxe.

Boost your BCX Ultra Deluxe device with the optional high-frequency radio frequency (RF) Beam Tube. This accessory is designed for current BCX Ultra Deluxe owners looking to take their experience to the next level.

Alternatively, you can order the BCX Ultra Deluxe and Beam Tube combination package, which includes the high-frequency RF Beam Tube and costs $4,995.00 (the handheld electrode package is extra). Please note that the high-frequency RF Beam Tube must connect to the BCX Ultra Deluxe to operate.

BT-HFPCM2 Beam Tube

Shipping Options

U.S. (lower 48 States only) – $45.00 UPS or $55.00 USPS
Canada – $95.00
International – $315.00

Shipping rates are subject to change without prior notice. Please get in touch for expedited rates (available in the 48 states only).

Operating Frequency Range – adjustable pulse from 1 Hz. up to 4 MHz. if using a square wave and up to 100,00 Hz. for all other waveforms such as Sine Wave.

  • Wave Form – any BCX waveform can offer maximum frequency accuracy and power output with a square wave
  • Duty Cycle – 1 to 100 percent
  • Carrier Frequency – adjustable ranges (1) from 1 to 100,000 Hz. and (2) from 0.100MHz to 4 mHz (square wave)
  • Modulation Frequency – able to combine two frequencies at a time:
  • Frequency Number One – adjust from 1 Hz to 100,000 Hz. or from 0.100m Hz to 4.000 MHz
  • Frequency Number Two – adjust from 1 Hz. to 100,000 Hz. or from 0.100mHz to 4.000MHz
  • Energy Output type – RF (radio frequency)
  • Power Levels – variable intensity adjustments from level 1 to 100. 150 Watts is the maximum output, depending on the program.