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BCX Ultra-Lite High-Power Rife Beam Tube

BCX Ultra-Lite high-power Rife beam tube with 1236 pre-set programs. This configuration combines complete BCX Ultra Deluxe program menus along with our higher-wattage double bubble beam tube. For $3,895.00 plus shipping, you get the same BCX Ultra Deluxe pre-installed Rife programs, complete customization, and the hands-free beam tube that runs frequencies up to 4 MHz. at 150 Watts maximum output.

Note: Ultra-Lite does not ship with the metal handheld electrodes or the metal footplate electrodes as part of the standard package. An optional Metal Electrode Accessory Kit can be purchased for $200.00, which includes a pair of metal footplate electrodes, handheld electrodes, and two sets of reusable gel pads.

Note: The Ultra-Lite cannot fit the regular BCX Ultra handheld Glass Ray Tubes.


Why Order the Ultra-Lite?

The BCX Ultra-Lite is perfect for users seeking a hands-free Rife session without needing body contact glass tubes or metal applicators. With its powerful “Double Bubble” plasma tube, it surpasses the capabilities of handheld tubes. Simply place the device on a nightstand to run a program for individuals confined to bed. Alternatively, you can combine one or two programs and run the Ultra-Lite during sleep time. (Please note that there is no programmable time delay start function.)

This stand-alone, fully programmable Rife generator features the complete library of 1,236 preset Rife programs, just like our standard BCX Ultra. However, it’s important to note that optional accessories such as light-emitting diode (LED), Vortex Coil, Double Bubble tubes, and Magnetic Mat cannot be attached to the Ultra-Lite. These items require the purchase of our standard BCX Ultra unit. Rest assured, the BCX Ultra-Lite can be operated independently without the basic BCX Ultra unit.

The Ultra-Lite’s double-bubble tube, mounted on the base unit, allows for simultaneous easy and hands-free use by individuals and multiple people. Additionally, this model’s power levels are significantly stronger than the handheld glass tubes of the standard BCX Ultra. However, it does not have the power output to broadcast throughout an entire room effectively. For optimal performance, it is recommended to keep the Ultra-Lite within a few feet of the user.

Experience the convenience and power of the BCX Ultra-Lite for your hands-free Rife sessions today.

See our main website for more information about the BCX Ultra Deluxe product line. To place an order, please get in touch with Volker Risto by phone at (760) 363-5496 or by email at vristo@earthlink.net.

Shipping Options

U.S. – $45.00
Canada – $95.00
International – $315.00
Shipping rates are subject to change without prior notice. For expedited rates, please get in touch.