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BCX Magnetic Therapy Mat and Control Unit

A Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Full Body Mat and Control unit that connects to the BCX Ultra for $985.00 plus shipping.

Note: This mat only works if connected to a BCX Ultra Deluxe unit.

This option is for someone who already owns the standard BCX Ultra and wants to add a pulsed magnetic field mat. It provides all of the many health benefits of PEMF therapy with the unique capability of pulsing BCX Rife Frequencies into the mat from the BCX control unit. The frequency range of the mat is from 10 Hz. to 10,000 Hz. Power output is a maximum of 20 Watts, depending upon the program.

We are offering this at a fantastic price. Full-body PEMF mats such as the QRS or Curatron typically run from $3,995.00 up to $12,000.00.

The BCX magnetic therapy mat is designed with a copper coil construction, ensuring the magnetic field is evenly distributed across the entire mat. Say goodbye to “hot” and “cold” spots for a consistent and effective therapy experience.

The mat includes a controller module that easily plugs into the external port of the BCX Ultra base unit. This module provides programming information to the mat, allowing you to customize your therapy session.

To ensure optimal performance, the mat then plugs into the control module, providing an extra power boost to run the mat efficiently.

Experience the benefits of a magnetic therapy mat with enhanced performance and evenly distributed magnetic fields.


Shipping Options

U.S. – $45.00 UPS or $55.00 USPS
Canada – $65.00 UPS Ground
International – $175.00.

Shipping rates are subject to change without prior notice. For expedited rates, please get in touch.