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BCX Far-Infrared Therapy Pad with Rife Frequencies

BCX Ultra far-infrared therapy pad is the only far-infrared (FIR) pad capable of running Rife frequencies. Available as a stand-alone FIR pad or as an accessory module that connects to the BCX Ultra Deluxe unit – $995.00 plus shipping – for either model.

BCX Far Infrared Therapy Mat

Combination Options

Combination package along with the BCX Ultra Deluxe unit
$3,695.00 This option allows one to run BCX Programs through a Far-Infrared Therapy pad.

Stand-Alone FIR Pad Without Owning a BCX Ultra

This option does not interface with the main BCX Ultra Deluxe base unit and offers a limited number of 23 therapy programs.

The Connectable Version of the BCX

This pad can receive programming information from the BCX unit, running any of the standard BCX programs using a Square waveform.

Shipping Options

U.S. Ground $45.00
Canada $65.00
International – $175.00
For expedited shipping rates, please get in touch.