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BCX Ultra High-Intensity Red, Green, and Blue LED Wands

BCX Ultra high-intensity Red, Green, and Blue light-emitting diode (LED) applicators produce a deeper penetration for faster results than our regular lower-power LEDs and are sold for $262.00 plus shipping.

Experience the versatility of our high-intensity LEDs that can be adjusted up to 4 MHz using a Square wave. Our LED wands are polarity-free, allowing the application of various waveforms. You can choose from a frequency output range of 1 Hz to 100,000 Hz for waveforms like sine waves and more.

Please note that the BCX device is designed to accommodate a single LED applicator at a time. We’ve received inquiries about using two LED applicators simultaneously, but the power requirements exceed the capacity of the BCX. Therefore, it is recommended to use up to one LED applicator at a time.

High Intensity- Red, Green or Blue LED's

Shipping Options

U.S. – $15.00 UPS/USPS
Canada – $35.00 UPS/USPS
International – $50.00 UPS/USPS