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BCX Ultra Deluxe Footbath Attachment

BCX Ultra Deluxe now offers the benefits of an optional footbath attachment for $1,340.00 plus shipping. The foot bath appliance is a great way to end a BCX session and help remove the released toxins from the body.

The footbath can be used as a stand-alone appliance or attached by a cable to the BCX Ultra Deluxe instrument to run any of the preset 1,236 Rife programs! The great advantage here is the ability to run BCX Ultra programmed frequencies through the foot bath. There is no other system that has this capability.

You will need a BCX Ultra Deluxe frequency generator to run the BCX Ultra Deluxe programs through the foot bath. This should offer better results than traditional foot spa or foot bath appliances. The electrode material is corrosion-resistant titanium, so it does not need to be replaced every 15 or 20 uses like other systems.

BCX Ultra Footbath Underwater Array

Shipping and Payment Information

U.S. – $45.00 UPS Ground shipping.
Canada – $65.00 UPS Ground
International – $215.00

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