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Magnetic Concentrator Coil and Controller

Local Applicator Magnetic Concentrator Coil is a small handheld applicator used to apply a stronger magnetic pulse energy to a localized area of the body – $225.00 plus shipping.

This is ideal for faster recovery of muscle strains, over-exertion, joint pains, sporting injuries, and much more. The Concentrator speeds localized healing by improving blood flow and oxygenation to areas of stress or pain.

Experience the benefits of reduced inflammation and improved joint mobility with our device. The local applicator coil can also be used on household pets, offering versatile usage.

If you already own a BCX Ultra and the Magnetic Mat, you will only need the extra Concentrator or local applicator. This is because you already have the required controller module that the concentrator applicator plugs into. The Concentrator provides a maximum field strength of 18 Gauss and a maximum frequency rate of 10,000 Hz.

Magnetic Accessory Options

Local Applicator Concentrator Coil and Controller Module

We have the solution for you if you don’t require a full-size body mat and only need a localized applicator coil. To power the concentrator coil effectively, you’ll still need the concentrator coil and the Controller Module, which acts as a power booster.

The Concentrator offers a maximum magnetic field strength of 18 Gauss, making it ideal for targeting specific areas for faster healing and recovery, such as knee joints, shoulders, and lower back. This accessory easily plugs into the main BCX Ultra unit, allowing you to run frequencies up to 10,000 Hz. Refine your healing experience with our localized applicator coil, designed for targeted therapy and accelerated recovery.

Shipping Options

U.S. – $45.00 UPS Ground Shipping
Canada – $65.00
International – $175.00
For expedited rates, please get in touch with us.