Regular Intensity LED Applicator


Red, Green or Blue – for localized stimulation – $90.00 each
Shipping – U.S. – $15.00 Usps – Canada – $25.00 Ups or Usps Int’l Priority – $40.00


Red, Green or Blue – for localized stimulation – $90.00 each
Shipping – U.S. – $14.00 Usps – Canada – $24.00 Ups or Usps Int’l Priority – $38.00

Color therapy has a long history as a healing modality. Modern science has researched and validated the many practical healing applications of Led and low level laser therapy. Green is know to be very calming and restorative, while Red acts to energize and promote enhanced circulation. Blue light has strong anti-bacterial action. There are many resources on the internet for more information about the history and healing powers of colored light therapy.

Specifications – see our BCX specifications pdf for complete information

Red – 640 nanometers – Green – 520 nanometers – Blue – 467 nanometers
Single or Mixed Frequencies – run one or two frequencies with or without variable frequency carrier
Power source – plugs into and is powered by the BCX
Range is 1 Hz. to 100,000 Hz.
Intensity – adjustable
Power Output – Red = 24,000 mcd Max – Green = 108,000 mcd Max – Blue = 21,600 mcd Max
The designation mcd is millicandela and is a different type of measurement than Lumens

High Intensity – Red, Green or Blue LED’s – $262.00 ea.
Produces Deeper Penetration for Faster Results than our regular intensity LED’s
Shipping – U.S. $15.00 Ups/Usps – Canada – $33.00 Ups/Usps – Int’l – $48.00 Ups/Usps.  Shipping rates subject to change without prior notice.

Red – 626 nm – Green – 530nm – Blue – 470nm
Range – 1 Hz. to 4MHz. Squarewave – 1Hz. to 100,000 Hz. all other waveforms
Intensity – adjustable levels 1 to 100
Power Output – Red = 255 Lumens Max – Green = 435 Lumens Max – Blue = 174 Lumens Max

LED Applicator Frequency

– of the high-intensity Leds is adjustable up to 4 MHz using a Square wave. LED wands have no polarity and all wave forms can be applied to them. The frequency output is from 1 Hz. to 100,000 Hz. for other wave forms such as Sine wave, etc.
The BCX Ultra can only accept a single LED applicator at one time. Some customers have asked if they can use two of these at once. While this could be desirable, the LED power requirements are too high for the BCX to run more than one at a time.


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