BT-HFPCM2 Beam Tube


BCX Ultra + BT-HFPCM2 Beam Tube Combination – $4,995.00 or $5330.00 with BCX Standard Electrode Set.
The BCX Ultra and Beam Tube combination configuration does not automatically include the standard BCX Ultra Deluxe electrode package of hand-held Ray Tubes, Footplates or Metal hand-Held Electrodes. These are an available option for – $335.00 extra.


BT-HFPCM2 Beam Tube – $2,995.00
This is not a stand-alone item and does not include the BCX Ultra Deluxe or the standard BCX Ultra electrode package of hand-held Ray Tubes, Footplates or Metal hand-held electrodes. This high frequency RF Beam Tube is an optional accessory for current BCX Ultra Deluxe owners and may also be ordered as a BCX Ultra Deluxe and Beam Tube combination package for $4,995.00 (hand-held electrode package is extra).  It requires a connection to the BCX Ultra Deluxe in order to operate.  Photo shows the Beam Tube when connected to the BCX Ultra Deluxe.  The $2,995.00 price is only for the Beam Tube and not for the BCX Ultra Deluxe.

Shipping – U.S. – $45.00 Ups or $55.00 Usps – Canada – $95.00 – Int’l – $315.00. Email for expedited rates, U.S. lower 48 States only. Shipping rates subject to change without prior notice.

Operating Frequency Range – adjustable pulse from 1 Hz. up to 4 MHz. if using a square wave and up to 100,00 Hz. for all other wave forms such as Sine Wave.
Wave Form – any BCX waveform can be used. Maximum frequency accuracy and power output with square wave
Duty Cycle – 1 to 100 percent
Carrier Frequency – adjustable ranges (1) from 1 to 100,000Hz. and (2) from 0.100MHz to 4 mHz (square wave)
Modulation Frequency – able to combine two frequencies at a time:
Frequency Number One – adjust from 1 Hz to 100,000Hz. or from 0.100mHz to 4.000 MHz
Frequency Number Two – adjust from 1 Hz. to 100,000 Hz. or from 0.100mHz to 4.000MHz
Energy Output type – RF (radio frequency)
Power Levels – variable intensity adjustments from level 1 to 100. 150 Watts maximum output depending on program
More Information – see our main website at –
Ordering:  call (760) 363-5496 or Email –
Warranty – 3 Year Warranty

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