BCX ULTRA DELUXE + Bio-Electric Pulser Mat or Magnetic Concentrator coil

BCX Ultra Deluxe Rife unit combined with full body Pemf Mat. Offered as a combination package with a discounted price. The only Pemf mat that can run Rife programs.  To place your order, please call or Email. (760) 363-5496 – vristo@earthlink.net.  More information can be seen on our main website – https//www.braintuner.com.   Pay by credit/debit card, Paypal, Zelle, wire transfer.


BCX Ultra Deluxe plus Bio-electric Pulser with full length Pemf Mat – Combo Package – $3,655.00
BCX Ultra Deluxe plus Bio-electric Pulser Pemf combo with only local Concentrator Coil applicator – $3,550.00

These two combination options include the full BCX Ultra Deluxe standard  unit, along with all of the normal accessories electrodes, combined with the pulsed magnetic therapy full length body Pemf mat or with the Concentrator Coil.(the round black item in the above photo). The Pemf Mat connects to the BCX Ultra and plays many of the pre-set BCX programs and wave forms. There is a frequency range limit of 1 Hz. to 10,000 Hz. for the Mat compared to 4 MHz. for the BCX Ultra Deluxe. Most other Pulsed magnetic field therapy full body mats are usually limit their frequencies to under100 Hz. The small round Concentrator Coil is normally applied to localized areas of the body needing more concentrated attention, such as joints, muscles, etc.

Regardless of which combination package you order, the full length body Mat and the Concentrator Coil can be ordered as separate purchase items. The full length body mat alone is – $395.00 and the Concentrator Coil alone is – $225.00. In either case, you would already have the BCX Ultra and the BEP module – the rectangular black box shown in the photo, which is a power booster that the BCX Ultra needs to operate the Mat or the Concentrator Coil.

Shipping – U.S. – $90.00 Ups or $110.00 Usps – Canada – $130.00 with Mat – Int’l – $350.00 with Mat. Email for expedited rates to U.S. lower 48 States only.


Frequency Range for Pemf Mat – 1-10,000Hz
Waveform Types: all BCX Ultra Deluxe wave forms can be run
Power: 20 Watts Max.
Gauss- Mat: 4.7 Gauss Max.
Gauss- Concentrator Coil: 18 Gauss Max. for the round hand-held magnetic concentrator coil –


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