The Ultra-Lite combines complete BCX Ultra Deluxe program menus along with a high-wattage, high frequency double bubble beam tube. You get all of the same 1,236 Pre-installed Rife programs, complete customization, along with the hands-free 150 Watt beam tube.


BCX Ultra-Lite high power Rife beam tube with 1236 preset programs. This configuration combines complete BCX Ultra Deluxe program menus along with our higher wattage double bubble beam tube. You get all of the same BCX Ultra Deluxe pre-installed Rife programs, complete customization, along with the hands-free beam tube that runs frequencies up to 4 MHz. at 150 Watts max. output.

Note: Ultra-Lite does not ship with the metal hand-held electrodes or the metal footplate electrodes as part of the standard package. An optional Metal Electrode Accessory Kit can be purchased for – $138.00 (includes a pair of metal foot-plate electrodes, hand-held electrodes and two sets of reusable gel pads. The metal electrodes shown in the above photo are for illustration purposes only. Note: The Ultra-Lite cannot be fitted with the regular BCX Ultra hand-held Glass Ray Tubes.

WHY Order the Ultra-Lite ?

The BCX Ultra-Lite is ideal for users who want the convenience of a Hands-Free Rife session without the need for body contact glass tube or metal applicators. The ‘Double Bubble” plasma tube is more powerful than the hand held tubes. Place the device on a night stand and run a program for individuals confined to bed. OR – chain one or two programs together and run the Ultra-Lite during sleep time. (Note: there is not a programmable time delay start function).

The BCX Ultra-Lite is a stand-alone, fully programmable Rife generator and features the complete library of 1,236 pre-set Rife programs as our standard BCX Ultra. Please be aware that the optional accessory items such as Led, Vortex Coil, Double Bubble tubes, Magnetic Mat cannot be attached to this unit. They all require the purchase of our standard BCX Ultra unit. The BCX Ultra-Lite does not require purchase of the basic BCX Ultra unit in order to operate. The Ultra-Lite double-bubble tube mounted on the base unit allows for easy hands-free use for individuals and even several people at the same time. Also, the power levels on this model are much stronger than the hand-held glass tubes of the standard BCX Ultra.  However, it does not have a power output that would effectively broadcast throughout an entire room.  Effective distance should be within a few feet of the Ultra-Lite.
NOTE: Complete Ultra-Lite specifications can be seen at our educational product resource site – https://whitmantec.com/plasma-detox-therapy/

Shipping – U.S. – $35.00 – Canada – $85.00 – Int’l – $315.00. Expedited rates Email or phone.  Shipping rates subject to change without prior notice.

Phone or Email for More Information – We do Not Offer Shopping Cart Check-Out. Please Call or Email for Purchasing Information. Payment Options – credit or debit card, Paypal, Zelle, check or wire transfer.

(760) 363-5496 – vristo@earthlink.net

Scroll down the page to see all BCX optional accessories and complete BCX combination packages including PEMF Mat, Far-Infrared Mat, High Frequency Plasma Bubble tube, BCX Ultra-Lite and More!

Check with us for our monthly product sales and special offers. We match all BCX pricing. We also own and use the BCX on a daily basis and offer unlimited telephone support in getting you up and running!

Shipping weight of standard BCX package is 11 pounds. Ordering information at the bottom of page. Warranty for the BCX Ultra and Ultra Lite is 3 years. There is a 10% restocking fee for returns. In the event of repair or servicing, the BCX would need to be returned to the manufacturer and the customer is responsible for any shipping expenses. Also, you may be required to pay additional import taxes /customs fees for overseas orders.


Thank You,
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